Company Strategy

Dawson has 25 years’ senior executive experience and 30 years’ board experience in developing business strategies for corporations and business units. He has significant experience as chairman with the responsibility to lead the planning process of respective boards. His specific skills include:

· Marketing and business development

· Strategic planning

· Operational planning

Corporate Governance

Dawson has a strong personal commitment to the highest standards of corporate conduct and personal ethics and he has an excellent understanding of the role of the board, chairman and individual directors. He has significant experience in:

· Managing executive/board relationship

· Developing and reviewing delegation policy

· Improving quality of board reporting

· Corporate behaviour

· Risk management

Financial Management

Dawson has significant board and senior management experience in developing budgets and forecasts and then regularly reviewing financial performance. He has chaired and been a member of board audit committees and he has effectively managed major outsourcing contracts.

Employee Relations

Dawson has 20 years’ of specialist experience in managing employee relations through senior executive and senior union official roles. He has extensive experience with:

· State and national workplace relations

· Workplace health and safety management

· Equal opportunity employment

· Training and development

Senior Executive and Board Performance

Dawson has established and reviewed terms of reference for board committees and has chaired board remuneration and succession committees. He has extensive experience with the selection and termination of CEOs and senior executives, and he has managed CEO and senior executive remuneration and performance reviews.